Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all my bloggy friends. A special Happy Mother's Day to my own mom. I have written before about how motherhood has changed me. Another way it has changed me is a much greater appreciation for my own mom. All the feelings I have for Meredith- the love, adoration, pride and patience- I now know she has for me. The hours I spend rocking her, kissing her, praying for her- I now know she did for me. I have never doubted at all that my mom loves me- and a lot. Since having my own daughter, though, I see just how wide and deep that love is.

Thank you, Mom, for listening to me, loving me unconditionally and helping me feel accepted no matter what. I have spent a lot of today thinking about how I wish I could go back and make every past Mother's Day even more special. Now that I'm a mom (for a whopping 10 months) I see what hard work it is and how deserving mothers are of appreciation, so today and everyday I hope you know how much I love and value you.


Jess Craig said...

so beautiful!

Kate (This Place is Now a Home) said...

What a perfect post. Couldn't agree more. Love those pictures of you and your mom! You're so lucky to have them.

Adrienne said...

Amazing Mom, Grandma...and friend!!

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