Monday, May 23, 2011

our day.

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today was a super good day. it started off unusually nice. meredith didn't go to bed until after 10... she was playing the super cute card with the grandparents. she slept straight through until 7 which was great. and while i was assuming she was up for the day, she actually went back down for an hour+ nap. after that we headed to a really fun (and free!) sing-a-long. meredith loved it. she mostly loved seeing all the children. while we were singing and dancing she clapped for the first time. it was adorable. and now she can't get enough of the clapping. which i love.

after the music class we came home and she slept for two hours. seriously? two long naps in one day? hallelujah! i got to each lunch, tidy up, relax and get some bread going (more on that tomorrow!).

once she woke up we headed to target and home depot for some unexciting, but productive-feeling errands. then, we hurried home so i could watch oprah. it was great. but i just keep thinking- how will they outdo this for her funeral? that's a bit morbid, right?

so all in all, a good day. fun with my girl, time to myself and the feeling of being productive.

oh! and dancing with the stars and the bachelorette are on tonight! (what has my life come to?)


Emily said...

Is it Ashley on the bachelorette? I forget! Ah, how dare I say that!


colleen said...

"but i just keep thinking- how will they outdo this for her funeral?" oh my gosh i laughed so hard at that. yes, morbid, but i love random thoughts like that. looks like an awesome day!

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