Thursday, May 19, 2011

Home sweet home


One of the highlights of our trip was visiting my childhood home. I almost always go by when I'm in town. Something about seeing the home I lived in from age four to seventeen makes me feel happy and peaceful. It also brings back so many memories. Memories of Christmas mornings, birthday parties and sleepovers. Memories of fishing in our backyard creek, jumping on our trampoline, hunting for Easter eggs in the front yard and playing hide-and-seek in the house.

It was funny because the house is for sale. The sentimentalist inside me wanted to buy it right then and there. As we looked at the listing pictures, we saw the inside of house has changed quite a bit. It is no longer the home I grew up in. I guess it's true what they say. You can't go home again.


colleen said...

i so relate to this - my parents moved out of my childhood home about 7 years ago and i always drive past it when i'm in the area. they've changed it so much too - fences, shutters, etc. yet when i go to my parents' new home i look forward to it so much and the new memories i've made with them there because, as they also say, home is where the heart is :) and you might be a country fan since you're from ATL, so i'd suggest miranda lambert's "the house that built me". so. good.

Lauren said...

I occasionally drive through our old neighborhood too, and it makes me remember all the fun times we had. So many good memories!

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