Monday, August 1, 2011

in need of sleep.

there aren't many days that this cozy nook wouldn't be exactly where i'd want to spend my time, but today more than most days, i wish this were in my house. last night was hands down the hardest night i've had as a mom. meredith went down for bed at 8, slept for an hour until 9 and then was up until 4:45.

yesterday morning she started getting a rash that got progressively worse as the day went on. by bedtime she was red & itchy and just couldn't settle down to sleep. we rocked her, bounced her, laid with her, gave her milk, gave her a snack, put on creams, changed her diaper, drove her around for an hour all to no avail. she was miserable and so were we.

my mom came into our room at 4 and took her so we could try to sleep (we hadn't been to bed yet!) which was so nice of her. meredith fell asleep within an hour and slept with my parents until 9. the rash remains today but she doesn't seem as uncomfortable. we're headed to the doctor in a little while and i'm hoping for some answers and a better night tonight. if you think of it, say a prayer? no sleep is bad for everyone.

hope you are having a happy monday.



colleen said...

boo. hope she gets better soon and you can catch up on some sleep.

Kate (This Place is Now a Home) said...

Oh no! Yuck. We're going through somethin' fierce over here too. No rash, but general fussiness, a little fever and practically no sleeping. Not as bad at little M, but definitely not the norm.

Remember that this too shall pass! (Though not like that helps at the moment).

Thinking of you and sending sleepy dust your way.

basebell6 said...

yikes! dont think i've had a night THAT rough yet but a few that came close. hope she gets well soon!!

Samantha said...

Mom to the rescue! :)

Praying some rest comes all of your way very soon.

Claire said...

thanks everyone :) last night was much better. the doctor said she has impetigo, so hopefully with antibiotics it will be cleared up in another day or so!

Michelle {lovely little things} said...

hope you get some sleep soon!

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