Friday, October 28, 2011

air travel advice pleeeeease!

Ok, blogging mamas, I need your advice. We are flying cross country on Sunday. I'm scared. It's a 6 hour direct flight. We land 11:30pm our time (8:30 local) so hopefully she'll sleep for the last few hours, but the first few hours are cause for concern. So I need two things from you:

1) We bought Meredith her own seat. Should we bring her car seat on the plane or not? I think yes, because if she sleeps she won't be in my arms causing me back & arm pain. She also might contentedly watch her videos from her seat. I think no, because if she doesn't sleep and is fussy that car seat will be taking up precious room for stretching out and playing. What would you do??

2) Activity ideas! We are bringing some of her favorite books, videos, snacks and drinks. What else? This is our first time flying with a walking, talking toddler!


Jennifer said...

We just flew from Los Angeles to new York with our super active one year old. I was freaking out but honestly it wasn't that bad. We got lucky and had an empty seat between me and my husband and it was the best thing. We didn't bring a carseat and I never would. She happily fell asleep nursing and then we put her down on the middle sleep and she took her nap no problem. I brought a ton of books and only a few toys. The best toy was this little purse with goodies inside that she could spend time pulling apart over and over. Kept her busy. Also bring snacks galore. Like enough to feed an army and many kinds. She will love crawling over the seats and standing on the floor pulling everything out of the seat pockets. I don't know if that helped but good luck!

Kristin {Sea Cow Circus} said...

I last flew with Elle when she was about 13.5 months old ... she still isn't walking, and it was just a two-hour flight, conveniently timed around her nap, but I tried to prepare for the worst. I got a few new toys and books and also took a few of her favorites out of the rotation a few days before the trip so they'd seem "newer." I took lots of snacks and took advantage of any kind soul near us who would wave or play peek-a-boo with her. It went really well, but even if it hadn't, I figure I won't see those people again and Mommy could pick up some wine on the way home from the airport :) We had an extra seat between us once and it was really nice for Elle to be able to spread out and move around a bit more. We've haven't taken her car seat on board. Good luck with the flight! I think Meredith (and you and Chris!) will be fine.

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