Thursday, October 13, 2011

A Goodbye

first dr's visit :)
To Meredith's Pediatrician,

Thank you for taking such good care of my little girl, since before she was even born. I will probably always remember the first time I met you, just weeks before the first time I met Meredith outside the womb. You immediately put me at ease. You were young, but I could tell you were good. We chose you and I'm so glad we did.

You have taken such great care with her. You have answered each of my questions patiently and never once made me feel stupid. You have taken my concerns seriously and helped me find solutions to her skin problems. You have never made me feel like a failure when I felt like one after allergic reactions to food. You have made Meredith laugh through exams and you have put her at ease when she's known she's in a new place.

I had visions of you being Meredith's doctor until she no longer saw a pediatrician. I pictured her growing up, seeing you. I imagined you having the awkward puberty & sex talks with her, doing a much better job than my poor doctor did. I saw you sending her off into the world of grown ups, one of your first patients to have seen from birth to graduation.

You were one of the first people I thought of when we decided to move. I have trusted you implicitly. I am sad to leave behind such an incredible pediatrician. I am hoping and praying we find a pediatrician we like just as much as you, but you've set the bar high.

Thank you, Doctor, for taking care of my girl.

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basebell6 said...

awwhh *tear*. on another note, your pediatrician had a puberty and sex talk with you?!!!!!!! that definitely never happened for me (thank goodness).

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