Friday, October 7, 2011

This pond.

This pond.

This pond has watched the growing of our love. It has celebrated our engagement.

It has celebrated our victories: marriage, college graduation, pregnancy.

This pond has kept us company on quiet evening strolls.

This pond has observed the swelling of my belly and listened as we hoped for the start of labor.

This pond comforted me during the newborn witching hours, rocking my crying baby to sleep.

This pond has served as a sounding board as we resolved conflict, discussed friendships and made big decisions about church, jobs and moving.

This pond has been witness to cheerful, tearful, excited, scared prayers, listening as we've offered them up to the heavens.

This pond has offered it's entertainment through bird watching, splashing at the beach, playing at the park and seeing sunbathing turtles.
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This pond watched me become a wife, a mother and a woman. I will miss it.


Melissa Scanlon said...

Tears.... so wonderful.

House of Milk said...

Beautiful post. Truly. *tear*

Michelle {lovely little things} said...

Sweet post.

Perrin said...

I love this post. It may have made me tear up. Maybe that is because I have many similar thoughts and feelings about the same place; the Res served as the backdrop for my first summer job (three years in a row) and me falling in love with two different boys. Now it is where I go with my children and where I think about all our names carved into the lifeguard chairs. I would feel sad to leave it behind. I hope it can be a spot that you visit with Meredith on your trips back and you can talk to her about all of your memories there.

Jessica said...

What a special place! I hope you can find a new pond in San Francisco where you can start new traditions and memories

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