Tuesday, July 10, 2012


With my serious lack of blogging lately, there is so, so, so much to catch up on. There is no way I can put it all here, in one post, but I'll share a few of the ones for now.

Meredith turned two. It was wonderful. My mom and sister were here and she enjoyed a day of Mickey pancakes and Mickey cupcakes as well as a trip to the farm and park. The best part was the song my dad wrote for her. He made a video to go with it and I just know it's something she'll treasure forever.

My sister got engaged! I am so excited for her. I can't believe that I got to witness the event. I was sure it would happen far away in Texas, so I couldn't believe it when her boyfriend showed up in San Francisco to surprise her. So special.

Chris and I got a night away in San Francisco. While my mom was here, she watched Meredith for us so we could do a quick getaway. It was so nice. We've left Meredith for two other nights, but once was so we could rush ourselves across the country to find out if we wanted to move and the other was a shorter night out. This was the first time with two full days, doing what we wanted and ignoring schedules. We had such a fun time.

Meredith knows how to count to 10. What?? I honestly don't know how she learned this. I'm 99% sure it's from an app or video from the iPad because I don't count with her much at all. I've been trying to record it, but she's very particular about when and where she'll count. So this is the bst I have. Pardon the paci and the fact that it's missing the first few numbers.

IMG 4358 from Beaktweets on Vimeo.

Another favorite Meredith thing right now is her love of "No More Monkeys Jumping on the Bed." She clearly doesn't understand the true message of the song, but instead loves to sing and jump at the same time :) Also? This video just has a whole bunch of cute.

No More Monkeys from Beaktweets on Vimeo.

Avoiding a 12 lb. baby. I'm trying really hard to make healthy decisions about what I'm eating. Until the last month I was kind of just enjoying eating whatever I felt like since when else do you get to do that? But the weight talk from the doctor seriously burst my bubble so I'm determined to get walking and eating better. I've never felt so motivated. Normally, if I try to diet I just want to eat all the sweets in the world, but for some reason this reason feels so much more important so I can handle the cravings much better. Some things I've been loving: Caprese salad, brussel sprout salad, fresh fruit, spinach salad with goat cheese and raspberries, fish tacos (made mango salsa for the first time. yum!)

Related: Pregnancy pain. Any advice on pregnancy groin pain? I have so much pain in my legs and inner thighs, especially by the end of the day. Turning over in bed at night is excruciating. Any stretches/exercises I can do?

Nursery fun! While my mom was here, we got so much done in the nursery. She made new curtains, two crib sheets, a crib skirt and two changing pad covers. She also helped me tackle the disaster that was the closet and brainstorm some storage solutions. I am in love with how it's coming out. I am not usually very good at coming up with a decorating idea and executing it, but it is really coming together. I ordered some prints from Etsy, am on the hunt for a tall, think bookshelf and may attempt recovering a crib bumper and then it'll be all done!

Baby boy. I cannot, cannot, cannot wait until baby boy is here. We are now in single digit weeks. What?? I'm 31 weeks now and just so ready for him to be here. I want him to keep growing and developing until it's safe, but I also want that time to go by pretty quickly. I think we have a name. And yes, we're waiting until he's born to share (just like with Meredith). We have to see his face first :) He is so active now- and bony! Lots of his stretches and movements really hurt. I'm hoping maybe he'll get more squished so it won't hurt so bad :) Doubt it!

Bringing Up Bebe. Honestly, I wasn't going to read this book. I have enough voices in my telling me the ways I'm failing as a mother- I didn't want to read something else to add to it.  But then I wanted to join a book club and this was the book for the first time I was invited. It was actually an interesting read. I've been attempting some of the things like less snacking and giving her more freedom at the park. The park thing has been life-changing. That sounds dramatic, but I'm serious. It would be coincidental timing, but for the past week I've been trying to give her more space and the park and not hover around her. She has been playing so much better- entertaining herself and even taking more risks, while I can actually rest my legs and even attempt some reading. It's amazing! Have you read it? Thoughts?

Thoughts and prayers. Two friends, Elizabeth and Kate, have stories on their blogs this week that have left me heart-broken praying for them whenever I think of them. Hopefully you can do the same.

I think that's all for now. As I was looking through pictures for this post, I realized there is so much more I'd like to share. Hopefully soon!


Anna {dear friend} said...

Claire! I'm thankful I'm still up so I can comment on this post! It's definitely safe to say you've been busy. And it sounds like it's busy in a good way-- soaking up time with Meredith and Chris and your family.

I'm loving the Nursery! The curtains are amazing! Can your mom come and make some for me?

And the video of No More Monkeys?? SMILES FOR DAYS. She is just the cutest and I love how her personality is just shining right through.

I've been seriously missing reading your blog and also been wishing you lived closer a lot recently. I'll be waiting eagerly for more posts and until then, keep enjoying summer! :) :)


colleen said...

i missed your posts!

congrats to your sister and her finacee - they look so happy!

those videos of meredith are so cute - especially the second one. adorable!

i'm glad to hear you thought the book was useful and worked when put to use! from afar you seem like an amazing mother - i hope that voice is in your head sometimes too!

Angie All The Way said...

So much to comment on here! Your Dad's song is absolutely beautiful and how lucky Meredith is to have such a special song just for her!

I've pinned those recipes & trying the brussels sprout salad for company coming over tomorrow night - folks who probably wouldn't otherwise eat brussels sprouts - bet they will change their minds.

My heart is broken for Kate too :-(

Jessica said...

I'm so glad to see you updated!! I've been having the WORST pelvic pain the past few weeks too...my midwife suggested some pelvic tilt stretches or even a pregnancy belly support band. I understand your pain! :)

jodi said...

I was just thinking yesterday how much I missed your blogging. :) I'm glad you had so much fun with your mom in town and WHAT?! Your sister got engaged out here?! How cool! Love the nursery and I have been staying away from that book too, but now that I've heard your review, I might try reading it. I have been trying the fewer snack thing because I saw someone else post about it and the boys have been eating much better at meal time - and I've been less stressed about always having food out for them throughout the day. This comment is turning into a book so I'll leave it at that. :) Let's get together soon!

Shannen Malutinok said...

Birth balls are always great for stretching. Also, I would see if your insurance covers physical therapy. My insurance covered 40 session - I went to 6 - but the 6 sessions changed my pregnancy! My pelvis was tilted from having Grayson. The therapist took care of that, gave me massages, and showed me a lot of great exercises. Your midwife can write a referral for PT.

basebell6 said...

happy to hear an update on things! not much longer until you are a family of 4, eek! will be praying for your friends.

Adelle Gabrielson said...

1. Meredith has the coolest granddad ever! Seriously! Awesome song.
2. She is a whole lotta cute. Love the funny fances.
3. Love the French ideas of parenting. It's simply practical - teaches kids independence and how to wait. Both are life skills.
4. Groin pain - agony. No solutions - only sympathy. 7 weeks to go! Woot!

Anonymous said...

So cool that you got to be there for the proposal! What a sweet surprise!

I totally know what you mean about giving kids a little more freedom to do their own thing...hard not to have hover-mother syndrome.

The nursery looks great!

Kristin W said...

Ahhh! The counting video is precious! The nursery looks so cute. I'm happy you had your mom there to help you out with that!

Happy to hear about what has been going on lately!

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