Friday, January 30, 2009

Its getting out of hand.

So, I'm still thrilled about the road trip, and actually its only getting worse. I am becoming obsessed. I think about it constantly and want to research 24/7. I am pumped. The biggest thing right now between just doing research and actually planning is dates. There are a few big events this summer that will dictate when we can actually go. So I'm praying those things will be resolved quickly. But, here's an update of our current route:

Boston to Niagara Falls
Niagara Falls to (quick stopover in) Cleveland
Cleveland to Chicago
Chicago to ???
*Maybe camping a night in Great River Bluffs State Park (great views of Mississippi River Valley)
??? to Badlands & Mt. Rushmore
Badlands to Yellowstone
Yellowstone to Boulder, CO
Boulder on Home, with some stops we haven't decided on.

The trip home will be quicker I think. Most of the beauty is on the way there.

Check out the map:

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