Thursday, November 4, 2010

Goodbye, my love

My love affair with all things dairy is ending today. Maybe for just a few weeks. Maybe for a few months. Maybe forever, but I doubt it. I've mentioned that Meredith has eczema. With a steroid cream it has gotten better, but it still isn't great. Poor thing gets thickly coated in Aquaphor at least twice a day. She's effectively stained multiple shirts of mine with the rubbing of her greasy cheeks. What does this have to do with my love affair with dairy? I'm going to see if cutting out dairy helps her skin. There's a chance she has a cow's milk intolerance. So it's worth it. But it's going to be hard. I eat and drink a lot of dairy. So, goodbye (for now) dairy! It has been very, very nice knowing you.

ps- if you have advice on maintaining a dairy-free diet please share! also, any foods that sneakily have dairy that I might not realize, also share. thanks!

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Becky said...

David (the boy I used to nanny for) was allergic to dairy. So sad. Even lactaid contains dairy. On the upside there is soy milk, coconut milk, rice milk, etc and these can be substituted when baking. Also, vegan cheese. It isn't great plain, but if you get creative it can be used to cook with. Good luck! I'll say a prayer that you can still enjoy some yummy meals :)

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