Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Last night Meredith had her first feeding of oatmeal. So far, she's been an exclusively breastfed baby. Last night, she experienced a spoon and some oatmeal! She seemed to really like it. It was an extremely messy experience but I think she enjoyed both the oatmeal and the very new sensory experience. She licked up the oatmeal from the spoon and then, after each "bite" sucked her little fist. It was so cute. It was also a little sad for me. Other things can now satisfy her hunger! It all goes by so fast!

getting ready!

the set up. only the best for meredith: a silver spoon.

she takes her eating very seriously!

grabbing at the little bowl :)


Joe said...

i think she looks so much like you in these shots!

Joe said...

although it could just be the bald headed baby commonality :)

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