Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Little Things

Since Meredith was first born, I've been meaning to write a blog post about the little things. My plan was to take pictures of her pacifier tucked a drawer. Our kitchen cabinets now with two tiny bottles on the shelves. Our blanket basket with a burp cloth on top. Our coffee table now with baby books stacked, instead of novels. You know, the little ways my life has changed.

But then it dawned on my this week. It is no longer the little things. It's the big things now. The two swings. The two activity mats. The jumperoo. The two strollers. Baby stuff is filling my home making it abundantly clear that I am now a mom.

But then, as I sit here and write, I come full circle. It is the little things. The way, when I reenter her line of sight, Meredith breaks into a whole face smile. The way, after a nap, I hear her cooing in her crib. The way she excitedly kicks her little legs in her stroller as we walk. The way she furrows her brow in confusion every time I put her in the warm bath water. The way she stretches and curls her toes like her daddy. The way she now is able to bring toys to her mouth which causes me to swell with pride. The way she sits contentedly with her daddy at the end of the day. Those things are what make my life so full.

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