Thursday, November 4, 2010


The trend on facebook this week is gratitude posts. I love the idea of a daily gratitude post for the month of November. I'm so excited for this month and especially for Thanksgiving.

So, I'll back track for the first few days and try to post a daily thing I"m thankful for here on out.

Nov 1- I was grateful for the ability to rearrange my room. I absolutely loved being pregnant and genuinely miss my big round belly, but I did not like how unable to do anything I felt. People, in an effort to be kind, always did things for me. While I appreciated the sentiment, it drove me crazy to not do things for myself. So, Monday, I was grateful to be able to move heavy furniture without help and without the concern of hurting my baby.

Nov 2- Even though it was because he was sick, I was grateful Chris was home with me and Meredith on Tuesday. He is such a good daddy. I love watching him play with our baby. She adores him.

Nov 3-Yesterday I was grateful for Meredith's pediatrician and a successful 4 month check up. She's growing. Her eczema is a bit better and we're trying a new diet.

Nov 4- Today I am grateful for my mom. I hate how far away she is, but she's just a phone call away. I love talking to her on the phone. She really is my best friend. I also love that I will be seeing her in just 17 days!


Erin said...

So glad you were a happy pregnant woman, I was miserable!!
And I am 6 miles from my mom, and do not know how you do it being so far from her. I hope you enjoy your time together!!!

Megan said...

Lots to be thankful for!! =)

Thanks for stopping by my little ole blog!

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