Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Boston Bucket List

circling the reflecting pool

Now that our news is out, I thought I'd share my Boston bucket list. It's not terribly long because we don't have a terribly long amount of time to get it all done. Hopefully this will get your mind turning to think of things you might want to do this autumn.

1. Apple picking at Honey Pot Hill
2. Pumpkin patch (maybe just for pictures? Bringing home a pumpkin might be pointless)
3. Parker's Maple Barn
4. Mike's Pastries for cannolis
5. Dinner at the Harborside Legal Seafood
6. Live it up at our friends' wedding!
7. Dinner/lunch/coffee/something with each of the friends/couples we'd like to see before leaving.
8. Drive along Memorial Drive an sunset or once it's dark. This view can't be beat.
9. Take lots of walks on the bike path, kicking up crunchy leaves & breathing in the perfect crisp fall air.
10. One last stroll around the Reflecting Pool, the spot where we got engaged.

Anything I should add? What would you want to do in your own town if you were about to move?


Rogue Woman said...

Bucket Lists are my favorite. I have a Rogue Life List of 101 things I am currently working on. But I do adore the idea of a move away list of things you have to do before you go to say goodbye to the city that housed your heart for so long.

Valerie said...

Bucket list is a very good thing! Also, kind of loving that we love so many of the same things. Lloyd and I are taking my cousin, his wife, and 11-month-old twins to Honey Pot Hill on Saturday. They just moved here from Virginia, and I told them we just must do it! It's not Fall in New England without it!

Also, I adore Parker's Maple Barn. I meant to get there this summer......

Heidi said...

Hi! I'm been reading your blog for a while; got linked up with it from Tales of Me and the Husband & E Tells Tales. Anyway, I just wanted to say that's a real expression of faith how this BIG move for your family seems to be bringing you closer together, and I love the idea of a "My Town" bucket list. You've inspired me to work on that for my next post. Thanks!

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