Friday, September 9, 2011

hi there!

I'm sorry for my absence, dear blogging friends. Life has been unexpectedly crazy the last week. In times like these I find myself turning inward with little ability to adequately express how I'm feeling. I would love to write right now, but I just can't. So instead I will wish you a very happy weekend and promise to write on Monday.

Did you see Mandy's vacation? Chris and I went to the same resort as a late first anniversary gift to ourselves so it was super fun to "revisit" it through her blog.

Parker's birth story is up! I loved reading it and cried through the whole thing. The picture of Bridget holding him for the first time one of my favorites ever.
I saw this DIY post on Pinterest today and think it looks so fun (and super easy!) Also, this one is pretty cool, too.

I love this hair cut and this hair cut. I'm sure I'd regret it because I love long hair, but it is on the back burner of my mind for now.

OH! Also! Go check out my summer bucket list. I think summer is officially over after Labor Day. I'm pretty happy with how many things we actually did.


Anonymous said...

Just found you blog! It's so cute! Would love for you to come see my side of the blogging world! :)

Bridget said...

you're the sweetest. thanks for the shout out - and loving that story, of course. i love it myself :)

colleen said...

hope everything is ok and you had a good weekend - meredith is a doll in those photos!

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