Tuesday, September 20, 2011

some songs for a rainy day.

i'm sitting on my kitchen floor surrounded by packing paper and awkwardly packed boxes. the rain is trickling out of the sky here and there. i'm listening to my rosie thomas pandora station and feeling somewhat melancholy. you know that music that you love but also makes you want to cry? here are some of the tunes that i'm humming along to this morning.

the swell season
falling slowly

ray lamontagne
within you

amos lee
the wind


Heather B said...

I know what you mean about songs making you want to cry. Good picks!

Lauren Chappell said...

love all three of these songs...rosie thomas is a regular on my pandora :)

Lauren Chappell said...

i have to comment twice about this. i just watched the falling slowly and that is such an incredible version! gave me goosebumps!

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