Thursday, September 29, 2011

Nothing But Love... (IX)

It's been a looooong time since I've done one of these! Colin Firth is oh, so deserving.

I love this clip of Colin Firth on Ellen  

And also, how great is this quote? As I've shared before I feel the same way. I get lost in my books. I find myself in a melancholy mood when I'm reading a sad book or worrying about the characters when I'm away from the text. Such.a.nerd.

Are you a Colin Firth fan? What are your favorite movies of his? I love The King's Speech, Bridget Jones' Diary and Love Actually.

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Anonymous said...

I AM a Colin Firth fan..! :D
Just descovered your blog and I'm in love...
I'll definitely come back!
Say hello to your brother from me... He's really cute! xxx
Best regards from Italy!

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