Sunday, January 4, 2009

New Years Resolutions.

Resolutions are very cheesy and lame to me typically. I find them hard to keep and usually a bit far-fetched anyway. But, 2008 was a tricky year for me. Lots of good and lots of hard things. I had another year of happiness with my husband. Being married to Chris is the best thing in my life. He makes me laugh daily, he helps me to lighten up, he is an incredible provider and works his tail off daily. We traveled in 2008: to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, to a B&B in Vermont, went skiing for my first time, went to Newport, RI, went to Beer festival in Burlington, VT, went to NH on Chris's family vacation. I got to visit Joe & Amanda in Athens. I went to the Cape with my sister for a few days. We went camping several times.

2008 was a year for me to find spiritual freedom. I feel fixed and healed from the past. House church has been a great blessing in my life. 2008 saw the end of a wonderful first year of teaching and the beginning of a second.

2008 also saw the end of a lot of friendships. Those that didn't end were markedly different. That was the hardest part of 2008. Chris and I have been very lonely. We know much of it is based on decisions that we've made; decisions that have consequences. It has still been hard.

Lydia moved away in 2008, leaving me as the last sibling here in Boston. I miss them both very much.

I'm looking forward to a happier, more full filling 2009. So, at the risk of embarrassment if I fail, here are my hopes and dreams for 2009.

Washington, DC
Road trip to Atlanta
Shreveport, LA for my cousin's wedding
Asheville, NC
Disney World :)
-Make new friends
-Keep (rekindle) the old
-Lose weight (10lbs)
No dieting, but instead healthier decisions
Working out 3x/week
-Less facebook, more reading
-Get pregnant (late fall/winter)

Cheers to you, 2009!

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