Tuesday, January 13, 2009

young love...

So, one of my little guys (see first post...) is adorable. I love him. He has been on the funniest kick lately: marriage.

Last week, waking up from rest time, he announces to me, I'm marrying 'Sally' (one of the girls in our class). And I acted very surprised and asked him a little more about. He proceeded to say, 'Yes, I'm marrying Sally on September 9th.' He is so funny- where did he come up with this!?

He has continued to talk about the impending nuptials, much to Sally's embarrassment. Today, while we were having our morning devotional, he asked if we could pray for him to move to Alaska. I asked why he would want to move to Alaska and he replied that he just really, really wanted to move there. I am thinking that most five year olds haven't heard of Alaska and I was really curious where this was coming from. So I asked him what is in Alaska that he wants to see so badly. He quickly told me, "Sally's grandparents live there!" AAAAmazing. My little guy is dying to move to Alaska so he can live near his future wife's grandparents.

To be five again would truly be amazing.

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