Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The triggy-trag's excellent adventure

I am sooooo excited right now. Chris and I are thinking about taking an (almost) cross-country road trip this summer. He has mad amounts of vacation days and I have the summers off. I have loved the idea of an extended road trip for a long time and he has always loved them with his friends. I am really hoping this dream become reality.

Right now we are thinking our ultimate destination will be Yellowstone. This could change, but right now that's the plan. I love Yellowstone. My favorite vacation was there. Its endless beauty. Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons combined make your brain want to explode. Its incredible. So, I'd love to go there and share in the awesomeness together.

I would also love to see the Grand Canyon. I am thinking, however, that the points along to way TO Yellowstone are more interesting. I am open-minded, though, so we shall see.

I am so excited that I hurried to the library this afternoon to get a few books. These are the titles I selected:
For research
1,000 Places to See Before You Die
Eat Your Way Across America (Diners, lobster shacks, pie palaces (could it be true?!) and more!)
National Parks of the United States Scenic Highways & Byways
Long Way From Boston
Pumped about this one; published in 1946, its about two girls who make it cross-country in a
Model T Ford- whoa.
Storyville, USA

If you have suggestions, please, please send them my way. The biggest decision, other than destination, is how many miles is feasible in our given amount of time. I want to see as much as possible without rushing through everything we get to see. So, here's to planning! yay!

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