Tuesday, March 17, 2009


lately, i find myself easily saddened, bothered or yearning for more. i can tend to be a bit "eeyore-ish" but i think this is also in large part due to the culture i live in. it is nigh impossible to make a simple CVS run without feeling like my life is lacking something- a cadbury egg perhaps, or maybe some cute notecards? or, maybe on the drive home i notice several gorgeous (or even just cute) homes that i would love to own and live in. And while these things are neither essential nor deep, the feeling of need can gnaw away.

in reponse to these feelings and experiences, i am trying to be more conscious of all the things i have to be grateful for. my life is very blessed. so, here are a few for today:

-kindergarteners in crazy, mismatched clothes (its spirit week @ school)
-chris being home when i get home from school
-a good friend at school who will sit and chat at the end of a long day
-my sister
-stretching the art side of my brain with kindergarten crafts & projects
-starting my day off at the gym

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