Thursday, March 5, 2009

It's happened.

It probably happened a while ago, but only really realized it this week. I have come to love, adore and appreciate this class as my own. For a while (maybe a bit too long), my first class (now in first grade) was the class I considered my own. Sure, these 9 little newbies were adorable and fun and smart and quiet (!!!). But, my first class still held my heart.

During dismissal this week I realized that has changed. I was gleefully watching my current class playing with each other and sharing their stories with me, while last year's class sat nearby. At the beginning of the year, I loved to catch up with the first graders during dismissal, and while I still do on occasion, I am perfectly content to chat with my kindergarteners. I knew it would happen and am glad it has.

And, to further share my love for them, I have two stories from today.
1) As we brainstormed ideas for the science fair, Princess Pea asked suggested, "What is dynamite?"
The Artiste shouted out, "Oh, I know that one! Its green stuff with magical powers!" to which I replied, "Hmm, I think you are thinking of kryptonite."
At that the Artiste nodded her head and said, "Ahh, yes. I think so."

2) Giggles, during a nice, quiet center time, starts singing, "Mamma mia, here I go again
My my..." I literally burst out laughing in the middle of reading group and had to apologize to the darling I was reading with, but seriously?! Giggles, how do you know that song!? Giggles also likes to sing,
I Like To Move It Move It
I Like To Move It Move It
I Like To Move It Move It
Ya Like To (MOVE IT!)

Rockstars, all of them.

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