Sunday, March 1, 2009

In Like a Lion, Out Like A Lamb

...I think a three day snow storm counts as "in like a lion." Wouldn't you agree? March is usually a dreadful month, at least for teachers. It is the long stretch between February Break and April Break. The weather is sometimes better, but still not great. It is also the last really long, solid stretch to get bunches of teaching done.

This year, though, I am excited about March. First, I'm hoping for a snow day tomorrow.
March 6th- Baby shower for one of my adorably pregnant good friends.
March 13th- Half day at school (hey, I'll take what I can get)
March 20-22- Marriage Retreat in Portsmouth, NH
March 26- School Science Fair (at least it can break up the monotony)
March 27-30- Two blissful days of no school so that I can head south to my cousin's wedding. I am pumped. My cousin came to my wedding and I haven't seen her since. Most of my extended family in Louisiana I haven't seen since longer that I can remember.

SO, before I know it, it will be April, which should be coming in like a lamb :)

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