Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Taking Kindergarten by storm.

Today was a great day in Kindergarten. It was busy, it was tiring and even had some low points*, but overall it was a great day. It was a day that felt productive and full of excitement and learning. Have I mentioned we're studying tornadoes for our science fair project? Well, we are and we're having a darn good time. We've made tornado bottles (you know, the ones with two 2-liter bottles attached), we've made a gigantic tornado out of foil which will proudly hang from our ceiling on science fair night and our latest project is paper mache tornadoes. There is nothing quite like coming home from school with paper mache all over our hair, floors, arms and even (my) feet. Days like today make a teacher feel like learning is being accomplished and the kids are having a blast in the process.

*Shy Guy (from yesterday's love story) had quite a conk today. I had to send him home early to get checked out by the doctor. He fell while playing football at recess and got himself two pretty good gashes on his face (one on the cheek and one right above his eye). The poor little guy is super tough and never cries. He was inconsolable today and I just felt horrible. I'm hoping he's fast asleep right now with no pain.

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