Sunday, March 15, 2009

A wonderful weekend.

(not our picture, though we did photograph this)

I have previously written about how hard I try not to complain about New England winters. This has become increasingly difficult as the weather here is a tease. Gorgeous and 50s one day, snowing the next. I have tried to keep my chin up and think this weekend was a wonderful reward. Both days were perfectly beautiful.

Today, Chris and I decided we absolutely had to take full advantage of this early spring day. We headed north with Rockport as our destination. We arrived faster than we expected, found parking easily and headed toward the ocean!

We spent our time taking pictures (we're such photogs now), walking leisurely through the shops, simply soaking up the sunshine. We enjoyed a lunch of fried seafood and a dessert of delicious cupcakes (reese's & heath bar crunch flavor). We enjoyed people watching, dog watching and ocean watching. We perused ecclectic stores, purchased Chris a rockin' rugby shirt and found me the perfect feathered beret for crazy hat day at school tomorrow.

All in all, today was one of those days that makes life seem perfect. I have a husband that I am so incredibly in love with. I stop sometimes, look at him and feel so blessed to get to spend my life at his side. He is the perfect life partner for me in so many ways. My heart was bubbling full of love for him, appreciation for the sun and gratitude for days to take a step out of time.

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