Monday, March 23, 2009

little ones & love

Kindergarteners are such unique little people. They are full of excitement, love and eagerness. They are also, for the most part, not yet self-conscious. I think its this last characteristic which I most love. They express their love for me & their friends, pass gas, twirl a pirouette and completely falsify stories with no insecurity or shame. It is so wonderful to watch.

For about a week or two now I have had the chance to gleefully watch young love. Two of my little ones have a crush on each other (!!!). This might be the cutest thing ever primarily because the boy in the relationship is extremely shy and usually loath to make emotional connections. BUT, lo and behold, last week he made a love book (this is no love note- no, no- its a love BOOK). He now does one nearly everday. He kindly asks me to draw a heart on the front and he proceeds to fill it with Xs and Os and adorably spelled notes. Fortunately for my shy guy, this is no unrequitted love. He has caught this little bit hook, line and sinker. She now makes him love books frequently too, with even more hearts, Xs and Os than shy guy's.

Now, for the most interesting revelation of all- little bit's best friend has decided she too loves shy guy. OMG!!! She tried to give shy guy a ring she made today and he mumbled under his breath, "I dont want this" and rudely gave it away to someone else. Clearly, shy guy has a few things to learn about women. Forntunately he is but 6 years old and has plently of time to learn. The best friend continued to fight for shy guy's love by organzing a class "Encourage Shy Guy" project. She had everyone in our class (me included) write one nice thing about shy guy. So cute and sweet :)

So, I will try to keep you updated on this complicated love triangle. I hope a best friendship isn't ended by all the drama :)

Who knew teaching Kindergarten would be this awesome!?

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