Thursday, May 21, 2009


o.m.g.! one of my little bits is six, going on sixteen. not that this is a revelation or anything, but today was such a perfect encapsulation of it. this little girl is here for a year while her parents take a sabbatical from missions work. she returns to her home in two weeks and its about all she can talk about. so, today she was telling all the kids about her good friend back home, Ronja. The children asked if Ronja is her best friend to which she replied,
"She's not just my best friend, she's my BFFL! My best friend forever* life!"

Haha. Seriously, the entertainment never stops.
*Yes that's exactly what she said. Not a typo :)

OH, actually, funny quote from this same little girl yesterday. We are studying the "V" sound this week. For morning work, the children had to color pictures that started with the "V" sound. The aforementioned little girl asks, "Is this one a vegetarian?"
I walk over and she's pointing to a veterinarian. So close! So cute :)

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