Saturday, May 9, 2009

spring shopping

shopping at the start of spring is so exciting/dangerous. its actually hard to practice self-control and not try on/buy everything i see. today i had to go to the mall for a gift for chris's mom and ended up shopping a bit for myself (oops!). i got a few really cute things all on sale!

there are a few things that, no matter what's in style, i adore.

1) wide-leg pants. i love wide-leg pants. i love wide leg jeans, wide leg trousers, wide leg sweat pants, wide leg anything. for variety i own pants that aren't wide leg, but i'd be happy in only wide leg bottoms. i think this is mainly because i've got fairly large hips, relatively speaking. i like how the wide leg balances it out :)

2) puffy sleeves, which chris calls my tuffets. these i love just because. i had quite a few puffy sleeved tops.

(i promise this shirt is cuter on that it looks in the picture)

3. wrap shirts/dresses. i had the cutest black wrap top that i wore until it looked like junk. today i got a new white wrap shirt and i'm pumped. this one will be worn to bits, too, i'm sure.

so happy spring all you shoppers out there. after a good day of shopping i'm feeling even more in the spring spirit :)

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