Wednesday, May 27, 2009

New Song to Love

I love Ingrid Michaelson. Her songs reflect innocence as well as peace that I love listening to. Somehow, though, I didn't really hear the last track of her album, Far Away, until today. It perfectly captures how I feel about my life right now. I would love to go far away, to a lovely, quiet island and live with my husband (who is a lobsterman-sweet) and three daughters, (whoe names are little Ella and Nelly and Faye-ok, sure). I can really get lost in the song and the idea of living far away.

I really love my life in so many ways. I love my little apartment and my new furniture. I love my job and precious 9 kindergarteners. I have a wonderful family and some great friends. I am a happy wife. But still, there is an itching inside of me to strike out and do something different. Life flies by and I wonder where our life will end up. I mostly don't want to passively end up living somewhere. I want to make a concerted effort and thoughtful decision about where we decide to "settle down." And lately, I've been thinking about that place being a middle-of-nowhere, right on the water, prefereably near mountains also, patch of land. We'll see.

*please pardon the hideous picture above. its the only video with the actual track i could find :)

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jana said...

wow-don't know how i haven't heard that one before!! she is amazing and that song just lifted my spirits so much. you have the sweetest blog!!

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