Sunday, May 17, 2009

The chair is here! Early!

Our living room furniture is all here and ahead of schedule :) I wasn't expecting our swivel glider for another three weeks, so I'm pumped! I am extra pumped because I like even more than I thought. It is without a doubt the most comfortable chair I have ever sat in. I can imagine myself sitting in it in the middle of a night with a crying baby and being so grateful that my darling husband bought me this chair back when a crying baby was just a thought. The chair also matches perfectly with everything we've purchased. Life is good. Pretty chairs are just icing on the cake :)


jana said...

i absolutely LOVE that chair!! i didn't even know you had a blog!! i must subscribe!! we are on the same site even-although i feel like i NEVER have time to write on mine!! but yes-i love love that chair!! very cute (and the swivel part makes it even better!!)

Adrienne said...

Love the chair!! And the image of you and baby in the chair!! The room looks great ~ glad it came early and way to go getting all cleaned up and ready for the week!

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