Monday, May 11, 2009

making the sibs proud.

i bought my first pair of converse sneakers today. i have a major thing for sneakers. LOVE them. i haven't purchased converse ones, however, because i always think they make my feet look like boats. today, i faced my fears, bought them and don't think my feet look like boats after all.

on a side note, the amount of shopping i do is directly correlated to my mental health. considering my last two posts are about shopping, something is clearly going on :) yesterday was mother's day and not my favorite one ever. it was the last mother's day with my momma living nearby. next year she'll be living in texas. yuck, yuck, yuck. so, ive been sad and down in the dumps about that. but, shopping (esp. with momma herself) makes me feel better. so, thanks chucks, cute ts and new house stuff for making this miserable monday a titch better.

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