Thursday, May 7, 2009

Mother's Day Breakfast

Today was our Mother's Day breakfast in Kindergarten. It was so very cute and fun. The children helped to bake muffins and breads yesterday afternoon. During the week we painted picture frames, wrote books about our moms and made tissue paper flowers. The children got to come in with their moms, share their presents and enjoy some breakfast. It was lovely.

My favorite part was the making of the books. Children in kindergarten are very ego-centric. They have almost no ability to think about their moms as anything separate from themselves. One of the questions they had to answer in their book was, "What makes mommy happy?" A few of them knew right away: running, shopping and they were exactly right. Most of them though, had either no idea or simply said, "me." And yes, true, little one, you do make your mommy happy, but there are so many things that also make your mommy happy like five minutes peace and going out on dates with daddy. The ones that had no idea need a bit of prodding. I asked them what their mommies like to do for fun. Of course, they replied with "playing with me." And again, I'm sure their mommies do enjoy playing with them, but its so funny how their minds work.

Kindergarten is such a special time and today was a very special day.

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