Saturday, June 27, 2009

aaaand, we're back. i think.

sorry for my absence, dear readers. i've been in recovery. i've spent the last several days feeling crummy- puffy, sore, and just all around strange in the mouth region. these feelings i have not enjoyed. however, there are some feelings in life that are pure bliss. i thought i'd share a couple of my favorites.

1- jumping in a hot shower after spending the day in the hot sun helping pack your parents moving truck (ugh). you can feel the sweaty glisten wash off and the cold chill be replaced with a comforting warmth. absolutely love it.

2- after spending the day in a cold, wet bathing suit putting on warm cotton (preferably frumpy hanes) underwear. haven't had this yet this summer, but oh so lovely.

3- really being able to bite into yummy food (ie. pizza) after mushing and swallowing your way through meals for nearly a week. YUMMM.

4- cuddling with the one you love and perfectly fitting into every nook and cranny, feeling certain you were made for each other.

what are your favorite feelings?

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