Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Summer vacation.

This is my 100th post! Very exciting stuff.

So, i haven't quite gloated enough about how incredible summer vacation is. So, this is a post about how wonderful it is.

During summer vacation, I get to be productive. I get to organize my food shelves. This might not seem the stuff of an incredible summer, but trust me. Doing this at 11am after sleeping in and making a yummy breakfast instead of at 5pm after day with 9 five years is much, MUCH better.During summer vacation, I try new things like baking cakes from scratch and decorating them. For a first time try, the cake turned out fairly well, just a titch dense. I'm not sure I'm the world's best cake decorator, but at least its fun!!
During summer vacation, I go shopping with my mom (which again, is much more enjoyable in a rested state). I get slammin' new shoes to wear to a wedding. Sweeeeet.
During summer vacation, I get to hang out with my brother and have fun adventures. Adventure #1 with mojojojo: trying out Sweet, a new cupcake place in Harvard Sq.
From left: Boston cream, red velvet, pina colada and strawberry lemonade. YUM.

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