Monday, June 1, 2009

Things that make a teacher smile.

1. Progress
I didn't save much from the beginning of the year, but MAN, do those few things speak volumes. Kindergarten is a special year and the progress children make is remarkable. Really, no explanation is necessary.

Writing Sample
Writing Sample

(in case you were confused, that first one is supposed to say James)

2. Love
I've said it before, the little darlings' love means a lot. I know they will love each of their teachers, but its just good to know you make a difference to them.
this is a page from this little girl's memory book. her favorite thing in kindergarten is me :)


jana said...

these are so sweet!! i wish i could post some of my stuff!! maybe i can figure out a way to photoshop their names off of it and then i will be able to!!

my favorite is the writing sample at the beginning-that is absolutely amazing!!

you would be the BEST kindergarten teacher!! mine was a terrible, mean nun and she hit me all the time with a ruler!!

Anonymous said...

you look good in that drawing that girl did! i think its your new hairdo...or maybe the outfit in general. i cant put my finger on it. but you look good! :)

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