Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Dr. Quinn Medecine Woman

I thought last summer when I worked my way through all the seasons of One Tree Hill that I had reached the pinnacle of embarrassment. I would hang my head in shame as I walked through the doors of the video store. The owner soon learned who I was and what I had come to rent, occasionally teasing me for how quickly I was able to move through a DVD. My embarrassment was so strong that I would sometimes pay more to buy an episode online just to avoid seeing the video store people. Though clearly, I wasn't ashamed enough to stop watching.

No, no, in fact I think my shameful levels have reached a new high as I've started re-watching Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman. Dr. Quinn is a blast from the past, in more ways than one. I cannot even begin to describe the love that my brother, sister and I had for this frontierswoman and her Sully. We eagerly awaited each episode on Saturday night and quickly became absorbed in the tumultous lives of people in the Wild West. And so, while I am slightly embarrassed to admit my love for this show, it is so nostalgic that I just can't deny it.

What show are you embarrased you watch?

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Lauren said...

I have to admit I watched One Tree Hill just this afternoon. Wow, Dr. Quinn really is a blast from the past. We loved that show! We haven't posted it on Facebook yet, but we found out we are having a little boy!!

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