Tuesday, August 25, 2009

grumpy (you've been warned).

I am grumpy today! I wish I weren't. There were some really good things about today (like meeting most of my preeeeecious kindergarteners...more on that to come!), but I'm still grumpy.

My last Kindergarten screening on the day was crap. The little girl is one of the more strong-willed children I've interacted with. She cried & covered her face with her hands for a solid 40 minutes, refusing to hold a pencil, count outloud or even look at me. I finally just gave up and told her mom to take her home. At that point her mother had to carry her out of the room. Yay for the first day of school with her. NOT.

I also am gettin overwhelmed with planning. I know it will out juuuuust fine, but its hard planning for 5 year olds that are more like 4 year olds when school first starts. It's fun to plan cute projects designed around back-to-school books like these:

but then i worry that i need to "get on the academics" more quickly.

my parents still live in texas. that's still really far away.

our good friends are moving to chicago tomorrow. that is also really far away.

sleeping in until whenever is better than sleeping until 6 am.

we're going camping this weekend & seeing james taylor live (which, really, i've been looking forward to since may) but honestly, camping is better with my parents.

ok, gripe session over. sorry. i'm not "holding on" very well. cast of (world's cutest) kindergarten characters to come soon.


Carrie said...

Oh dear. I don't know that I'd have been able to handle that situation. :/ Sorry. Hopfully things will look up very very soon. :) Have fun camping and seeing James Taylor! That has to cheer you up!

Adrienne said...

yeah - camping is way better with your parents. but we'll do what we can in the woods to cheer each other up! and if we fail, there's always James!

Anonymous said...

I'm sending you a giant bear hug! I love you always and forever! Daddy

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