Sunday, August 23, 2009

Holding On.

I feel like I am holding on to the last of my summer days. I need to squeeze out every moment of laughter, every feeling of being carefree and every second of no-stress. But then again, at this, the end of the summer, for the first time, I feel like life might not be ending. I usually anticipate with dread the coming of a school year which means the ending of my life outside of school. It doesn't have to be like that, though.

My goal for this year (among others) is to hold on to my life outside of the 13 five year olds that fill most of my waking hours. While I love them and my school, I can still be a person that is not only a teacher. I can still be a friend, I can still be a wife, I can still be a daughter, I can still be a sister. Being a teacher is one special role I have. Its not the only one.

(I am embarrassed to upload this picture for more than one reason, but I am because this is me. This is me not stressed out, not tired, not ceaselessly thinking about my teaching. This is me on a sunny day, hiking with my husband and simply enjoying life. Its hard for me to do that sometimes, but I'm gonna try to keep it up)


accidentally, kle said...

i think that's a great picture - it's natural and shows a funny side to you :) dont be embarrassed :) x

Raine said...

I like it - shows your having fun!

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