Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Running update

Earlier in the summer I announced that I would be running a 10k in October, but then have failed to ever mention it again. The race is exactly two months from today (see my two new tickers at the bottom of the page!) so I thought today would be an appropriate time to mention it. The summer started out slow. I ran for a couple of weeks, but then got my wisdom teeth out. That put a major damper on any urge to be physically active. Then, shortly after that, we went on vacation. And, as you've seen, we ate. We ate a lot. We ate a lot of junk. So, after only running once that whole trip, i returned with a renewed zest for training.

That was mid-July so, for about a month now, I have run three times a week without fail. I have increased from running two miles at a time up to five. I ran five miles Monday and today, and will again on Friday. Then, next week my goal is 6 miles, which is actually the length of a 10k.

Speed isn't a major focus of mine right now, though I am trying to push myself not to just toddle along the whole time. If I could finish the 6.2 miles in an hour I would be super pumped. I think that's feasible because right now I am running 5 miles in about 50 minutes give or take.

So, we'll see! This whole running this really gives me a sense of accomplishment and has increased my confidence. It has also made me extremely grateful for the blessing of health. I know that, through no doing of my own, I have a healthy body that can be pushed physically and will respond. I also know that others, through no doing of their own, have bodies that are weak or sick and therefore limit their levels of physical activity. Every time I run I find myself thanking God for the health I have and praying it will continue.

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ps. those are the running shoes I have :)

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