Friday, August 14, 2009

An open letter

Dear Summer,
How are you almost over? It's like you've barely arrived and you are leaving again. What you've done this season is like stopping by at your best friend's very special birthday party. Only "making an appearance" when what you are supposed to do is stay for the entire shindig. Sure, there are other fun things going on, but the main attraction-you- as the best friend is absent.

At your best friend's birthday party you are supposed to almost overstay your welcome, hanging out long enough for your best friend to be faintly relieved when you leave. Grateful you came and made some memories, but willing to accept that the party is over.

But not you, Summer, you were a bad friend this season. You hardly showed up and now you are leaving before the good gets going. Thanks a lot.


ps. you better step it up next year or we are SO not best friends anymore.

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