Sunday, August 9, 2009

Summer's End.

Summer isn't totally over yet, but my mind is drifting into school mode. I've had a few back-to-school dreams over the course of the summer, but in the past couple of weeks they've increased in consistency. I've had dreams of being super teacher and I've had dreams of being suck teacher. My daily thoughts are becoming more and more filled by classroom arrangements, lesson plans, classroom management techniques and smiling faces of five year olds. I'm dreaming of things to throw out, items to buy and new things to try. And while I'm sad to see summer drawing to a close, I am grateful that yet again my excitement for school to start has returned. I was made to be on a school schedule. I love having summers off, but I love back-to-school season just as much.

ps- you can be excited too because you are about to meet 14 new adorable 5 year olds who will fill your hearts with glee and the air with laughter. you just wait. get pumped.

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