Monday, October 25, 2010

color coordinated

When I saw this picture on Design Mom a few months ago, I was instantly inspired. Ever since then, when sitting in my rocking chair, I have stared at my bookshelves dreaming of color coordinated books & gadgets. When we moved into our new place back in February, we just kind of threw stuff onto our shelves in an effort to get rid of boxes. I haven't ever felt like they were properly decorated. So, this Friday night, for some reason, i was finally inspired enough to take the plunge. I made stacks of books according to spine color and with the help of my husband and his love of color schemes, I now have bookshelves I love.

What do you think? Would you like color coordinated books? Or would you prefer organization by topic? or book size?


accidentally, kle said...

They look fantastic!

Em {orange + barrel} said...

I love it! I wanted to do the same thing after I saw the same post on Design Mom, but Sean likes them organized by topic, boring!

Kristin W said...

Love it! I'm obsessed with color coordinated! I have some huge bookshelves in our living room and I am definitely inspired to do this!

My only qualm is thinking about my Harry Potter set...did you separate sets or keep them together?!

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