Friday, October 15, 2010


(even looking at this picture makes my heart hurt. thanksgiving hurry up!)

Since Meredith's birth I have decided living away from family is unnatural. I have never liked living away from my family. I chose to go to college a mere 20 minutes away from my parents and went home nearly every weekend my freshman year. Then, I lived home sophomore year and senior year before I got married. When my brother and sister moved away, I hated it. I remember crying so hard on the drive to my parents' house to say bye to my brother. And then, when my parents moved to Texas last summer, it really sucked. But, I surprisingly was ok. I filled my days with teaching and fun outings with my husband. I missed my parents most when Chris was out and I was home alone, but I was ok. My mom was always a phone call away (which I tell myself daily is such an incredible blessing).

Then, Meredith was born. Now, not a day goes by that I don't long for my parents to be just a town away. I need my mom's help organizing my house & her company on quiet days at home with my baby; my dad's wisdom in helping me with my spiritual walk; my parents' stinkin' dogs kisses and cuddles. With my own growing family, I feel the need to be near family so much more. There's no immediate solution. For the time being, I try to just be grateful that they are a phone call away and a plane ride away. It could be worse.


Joe said...

cant wait till thanksgiving!! i am so excited to hang out with your cute wittle famwy. love you claudina.

and if you ever miss lesson planning, you will always be more than welcome to lighten my load and put that history degree to some good use ;)

accidentally, kle said...

I sympathise. It's lovely that you're all so close and supportive, despite the miles. That's a really beautiful picture (you're looking great).

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