Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Creative Carving

Last night we had ourselves a halloween-y, date night in. We watched Beetlejuice for the first time (can't say we liked it. not huge Tim Burton fans), carved our pumpkin and roasted pumpkin seeds. Oh, we also enjoyed pumpkin muffins over coffee. It was a lovely October evening. And our pumpkin is amaaaaazing. My husband has mad pumpkin carving skills, if I do say so myself.

how amazing did this carving turn out?! we were soo excited :) this is my first pumpkin that isn't just a cute face of some sort.

ps. our pumpkin is a major hint towards meredith's first halloween costume :)

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accidentally, kle said...

omg that is fantastic!!! he is pretty talented! can't wait to see Meredith in costume... cute! x

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