Friday, October 29, 2010


Meredith found her hands a while ago, but this week she has been particularly interested in them. Playing with this morning, I was talking to her about her hands, just being silly, really. But then, I really got to thinking. Her hands have so much yet to do. Her hands will help her pull herself up. They will break her falls as she starts to toddle. She will use them to color, paint, write create. They will help her ride a bike and swing a bat. They will one day drive a car (!!).

Will her hands assist her in sports? Or will she use them for the arts? Will they one day play piano or guitar? Will they knead bread dough? Will they be hands with dirt under her nails from gardening? Will she one day paint them? Pink? Black? Not at all?

I hope her hands give lots of hugs. I hope they do not push or shove. I hope they are held in my own and her dad's more times than we could count. i hope they are used to make a difference. I hope they find the love of a boy. I hope they will one day wear a wedding ring, if she wants. I hope they one day hold the tiny body of her own precious baby.

Her hands have a lot of living left to do. I hope her hands see a long, full, happy, giving life. They are precious hands.


David McAnulty said...

guitar.... definitely... definitely!

Chris said...

I love that precious baby chicken.

accidentally, kle said...

You write so beautifully x

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