Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Funny The Way It is


Yesterday got me thinking about how funny life is. Yesterday was a sad day, a happy day, a blah day, depending on who you ask. For Elizabeth Edwards' family and friends it was a very sad day. A day they will always remember with tears. For some of my dear friends, it was one of the very best days. Their baby girl was born. It is a date they will never ever forget and always remember as positively life changing. For me, it was just an average day. Not bad at all, but not exceptionally good either. While I was heading to my daughter's pediatrician appointment, someone lost her mother. While I was enjoying dinner with my husband, a new baby was born. I think it's so fascinating how one person's worst day can be another's best while another person simply will never remember the day at all.



Em {orange + barrel} said...

I was thinking about that yesterday. I was thinking about how on the day she lost her battle with cancer my dad started his battle, certainly a day I will remember.

mrs. t said...

this is truly deep & so very true. we tend to forget that there is more going on in the world than what is going on in "our own" world -- & that is the beauty of life.

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