Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Nothing But Love... (IV)


After seeing Morning Glory, my latest celebrity crush is Rachel McAdams.


She definitely lacks the mystique that the Olsens have and the glamour of Emma Watson, but I still feel drawn to her.


I think she has a similar quality to Julia Roberts- something that makes you want to sit down for coffee with her.


She just seems so cute, happy and bubbly. Everyone needs someone like that around :)


What do you think? Are you a fan? Or could you do without her?


Em {orange + barrel} said...

I think she is super pretty! I love her hair. I wish mine would do that!

accidentally, kle said...

Aah, I've loved Rachel McAdams since I saw her in The Notebook years ago. There's just something about her... I'll freely admit my crush haha

Mary Nevin said...

i adore her!! she definitely has a presence. i love her style and who doesn't love mean girls?

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