Thursday, December 23, 2010

Holiday Hair

My plan today was to write about Oreo Truffles. I was going to tell you about how yummy and easy they are. Except then, I burned two bags of chocolates. And then one tray of cooling truffles fell on another, smooshing some. And the ones that aren't smoosed? Are still pretty ugly. SO, oreo truffles are not easy (for me, at least) but they are yummy.

So, instead, I'm sharing with you my hair do for the day. Remember how I told you while I get to wash my hair everyday, I rarely dry it? Well, nothing has changed. So, today I tried a new do. This site has a great tutorial which I found through A Cup of Jo.


was super easy.


I did it on the kitchen floor, sans mirror, while I played with Meredith. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out, especially for a first attempt. I just threw on some new red lipstick and now I fell ready and cute for my first birthday celebration of the year- lunch with my husband and baby. What could be better?!


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