Monday, December 6, 2010

Meredith's First Tree

Saturday was kind of a perfect day. We had dedicated the day to getting our Christmas tree and it could not have more wonderfully fulfilled my idyllic hopes and dreams. I wanted to find a Christmas tree farm so we could cut the tree down. I wanted cider and Christmas treats. I wanted a scenic drive.



Chris so kindly appeased me as we ventured out Saturday afternoon, no plan and no chosen destination. We were just going to drive on one of our favorite roads until we happened upon a farm.

The drive was perfect. Meredith played and cooed happily in the back of the car while Chris and I sang along to Christmas songs and admired the quaint New England towns we passed through. We eventually found a Christmas tree farm. We took a short little walk past barren apple trees to get the lush fields of evergreens.


Grabbing our saw, we set out to find the perfect tree.



We eventually chose one fat and full, with a Dr. Seuss-like top.


Chris, in much manly glory, cut down our tree and lugged it up to the "road." There, we met a tractor which we, along with our tree, got to ride on back to the car.



On the way home, we stopped for cider donuts (how could we not!?) and picked up a chicken pot pie for dinner. The tree fits perfectly and fully in our dining room, making our house feel warm and festive and smell divine.


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