Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Small Things

Yesterday, we had no plans. It was very cold and windy outside so even a walk seemed like a bad idea. Sometimes I enjoy not having plans, but yesterday, I was bored. I complained to my husband. I complained on twitter. I wanted to do something but I didn't want to put forth the energy to get out in the frigid weather. Wah.

But then, I started reading this blog. Seriously, if you can read through her posts, particularly this one, without crying I will be shocked. Her story is incredible and she has this amazing perspective. She is a reminder to enjoy the small things. So, that is what I did.


I spent the rest of day enjoying my perfect, precious bundle of joy.


I marveled at her new skill of rolling over. To some, it may not seem like much. But to me, it's a huge step. She has a bit of mobility. She can reach a toy. She can get wedged under the couch.



She is proud of herself.

ready to fly

I squeezed her tight as I opened our new Christmas books that came in the mail. I could burst with excitement as I imagine our little family of three sharing these two books on Christmas Eve. And while I know it won't mean much to her this year, it means the world to me. Having her, having my family, having traditions.



I watched with wonderment and peace she lounged in her jumper. She has this perfect personality combination of curiosity and chillness. Already, she is teaching me things and setting an example for me to imitate.


Even on the most boring of days, this little babe gives me a mound of things to be grateful for, to delight in and to be in awe of.


basebell6 said...

awhh! she's wearing her hat in the house! your house must be like mine lol. the other night when the wind was blowing i was too cold to sleep (1910 construction for ya).

i was afraid to click on that blog and read the tragic story that i figured must be there; she does seem like a strong woman but it wasnt as tragic as i'd imagined! back in the day i read these 2 blogs (that i've lost track of over time) about women who were widowed when their first borns were under 1 year in age. i cried everytime i saw their posts and prayed that too wasnt my fate in life. i didnt even know how they managed to get out of bed in the morning.

Claire said...

yes. its not so much tragic as inspiring- i think thats why she moves me emotionally. life throws lots of curve balls and she handles it well and honestly.

Becky said...

love your post and so glad that you have enjoyed Meredith sooo much! She really is such a joy. We love your whole fam!

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